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Size, Power, & Utility

To begin, the smaller pickup trucks you see on the road are known as compacts or mid-sized trucks. These are the most common pickups for people who are looking for a truck that fits their transportation and lifestyle needs, as opposed to someone who needs to tow industrial loads and weight.

Those who use their trucks for work are more commonly found in Half-Ton, Three-Quarter-ton, and one-ton Trucks, which are named for their designated maximum weight capabilities. Modern trucks however are generally capable of carrying weights beyond what their names indicate, as the names have stuck as colloquial terminology. Full-size of Heavy Duty are other names that commonly refer to three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickup trucks. The half-ton trucks offer great balance in terms of utility and power, for those who would use a truck for light work.

Truck Bed
Force and power are the defining capabilities of today’s trucks. So, depending on what your truck will be used for, the type of engine you choose is critical. Four or six cylinder engines are common in compact, mid-sized and half-ton trucks. Three-quarter-ton trucks tend to have eight-cylinder engines, which offer more power, though it does come at the expense of fuel-efficiency.

Diesel engines also offer significant power, and with a diesel engine you won’t sacrifice the fuel economy. While diesel used to only be offered in full-sized and heavy-duty trucks, you can now find diesel options for almost any pickup, including light-duty and compacts.

Towing & Off-Road

Towing capability is the premiere attribute that trucks provide, and torque defines how much a truck can tow. Torque measures how the truck pulls passengers, cargo and any weight. It comes from how the engine rotates the drive shaft, and then it’s wheels and axles. A truck’s torque is what enables it to tow a vehicle, trailer, or even a boat. Generally, compact and mid-sized pickups come with a towing capacity of around 4,000 to 7,500 lbs. Full-size and heavy-duty pickups can tow anything from 5,000 to 13,000 lbs.

Another great perk of driving a pickup is its off-road capabilities. Whether off-roading is just a hobby, or you are required to traverse off-road conditions on the work site, you will want to consider a pickup with Four-Wheel Drive. Four-Wheel Drive is superior to All-Wheel Drive because you can manually select gears with four-wheel drive, which can help in unique driving situations. You also have more torque and power to go along with the traction to get up and over uneven grades or rocky terrain. High ground clearance is also very important for off-roading, and luckily, most trucks have it.

In conclusion, no matter what type of truck you select, we here at Taylor Chevy of Hermitage are confident that we have the right truck for you and the job you need it for. Visit us today and ask to speak with one of our truck experts.

Technology Connected Cabin

Truck Interior
As smart as it is strong, Silverado offers technology to keep you connected while you’re on the road.

Silverado offers support for Apple CarPlay, & Android Auto, offering you a simpler and smarter way to use your smart devices to listen to music, get directions, call friends and more. Chevrolet MyLink lets you arrange icons and features on the standard 7-inch or available 8-inch diagonal color touchscreen. Store up to 60 favorites, including radio stations, contacts and even destinations (requires available Chevrolet MyLink Radio with Navigation)

myChevrolet Mobile App. Download the app to your compatible smartphone and if your vehicle is properly equipped, you can start or turn off the engine, lock/unlock the doors, send destinations to your available Chevrolet MyLink Radio with Navigation touch-screen, and more.


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