Chevy SUV Buying Guide

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The SUV has become the most popular vehicle for owners across the United States. Some use them for work, others for their families - regardless, an SUV can serve multiple purposes. No matter what your needs are, there is an SUV on the market for you.

Here are some of the reasons why SUVs have become so popular!

Towing, Off-Roading, & Cargo

Family next to SUV
SUVs offer great towing capabilities on the market outside of trucks or pickups. Some Mid and Large size SUVs can tow upward of 9,000 pounds, which means you can tow anything from a boat to even a mobile home! Short of commercial needs, that will satisfy what most people are hauling. Smaller SUVs can tow upward of 5,000 pounds, which is plenty of towing power for people with outdoor hobbies.

High ground clearance is standard on many SUVs, and makes it easy to off-road and adventure. The best off-roading SUVs are usually found in the small to mid-size, since they handle well on rough terrain while still offering the high clearance and power that you would get out of a larger SUV. If you are a serious off-road driver, you may want to look into getting skid-plates to protect the underside of your SUV.

Many people buy SUVs because of their room for passengers and cargo, not necessarily their off-roading capabilities and towing capacities. There simply isn’t the same kind of space in other vehicles. With 5 to 8 seats, SUVs can fit your entire family, and their cargo, for years of adventuring. SUVs have more space than trucks, as their back rows conveniently fold down. High floors in SUVs also make onloading and offloading any cargo much easier than minivans or other types of family vehicles.

Safety, Size, & Class

SUV interior
Across the board, SUVs have stellar crash test ratings, due mostly to their size and height. SUVs are also safer for driving in poor weather conditions, as their heavy weight helps them hug the road. In most cases, SUVs come with a choice between all wheel drive and four wheel drive, both of which help when driving in poor weather conditions.

Crossovers are the smallest SUVs that you can buy and are excellent, versatile SUVs. Crossovers are the driver’s SUV - they handle well and have great fuel economy. If you don’t need the extra seats and cargo space, the Chevy Trax is a popular, fuel efficient Chevrolet crossover.

Compact SUVs are not the same as crossovers, although the two might seem similar to the buy. Compacts are more like a traditional SUV, with similarities in their space, cargo and power. Check out the Chevy Equinox to see what our Compacts are all about!

Taylor Chevrolet of Hermitage’s mid-size SUV class is headlined by the Chevy Traverse. Don’t let the “mid-size” label fool you, the Traverse can comfortably fit 7, with space for cargo in the trunk. The Traverse has impressive trailering capacities to boot - one of the many reasons mid-size SUVs are considered the best for you and your family.

Full-size SUVs are the biggest SUVs on the market. The Chevrolet Tahoe is our most popular full-size SUV we offer. There isn’t much the Tahoe can’t do - it can tow your entire family, with the boat hitched to the back. Take your family and the Tahoe off-roading for next adventure, or on a cross country journey.

Whatever SUV type you are considering, Taylor Chevrolet of Hermitage can help you decide.


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