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Are you interested in handling your own DIY car repair project at home, or do you need to track down a Chevy replacement part or accessory for a car lover in your life? We’ve made it easier than ever to get the Chevrolet car parts that you need, and whether you need OEM Chevy parts, Chevy accessories, or vehicle servicing in your area, get in touch with us at Taylor Toyota. We have reliable, Chevrolet-guaranteed parts, and you can rely on them to last as long as the rest of your car. Our Chevrolet accessories are also well-built and reliable, so whether you need them as a gift or a necessity, you can feel good about your purchase.

We also offer reliable vehicle servicing at our Chevrolet dealership, so if you need an inspection, an oil change, or a collision repair, we are your go-to destination. Get an affordable loan as well, and if you need a new Chevy or a reliable used car, stop by our dealership. If you have any questions about the cars we offer, how to order parts online, or the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Chevrolet OEM Parts from our Chevy Dealership

Do you need a replacement windshield wiper, windshield glass, bumper, side panel or anything else? We have all of the replacements that you may need, and they are all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. But what do we mean when we refer to OEM Chevy parts? Does it really make a difference?

It absolutely does. Original equipment manufacturer parts, in this case, mean that Chevrolet made the parts, has supplied a one year warranty and stands behind its performance. An OEM part will fit your Chevy perfectly, it will last as long as the rest of your car, and it will maintain your car’s integrity if you are ever in an accident or collision. Additionally, OEM parts will help preserve your car’s resale value -- repairs and replacement parts show up on vehicle history reports, and you want to be able to report that your replacement parts were by the same brand as your car.

Aftermarket parts simply can give you the same guarantees. The fit may be suspect, and a part that doesn’t fit into the framework of your vehicle perfectly can negatively impact your safety if you are ever in an accident. Secondary market parts can also hurt your car’s resale value, and they may wear out faster than the rest of your car. If that happens, the initial money you save on a cheaper part just won’t make it worth losing the long term value.

If you want to learn more about our OEM parts, or if you need help ordering, let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Order Chevrolet Parts Online From Your Local Dealership

It’s never been easier to order the Chevy parts you need from our dealership. To get started, track down your VIN -- it’s most likely on the dashboard near the windshield glass on the driver’s side of your car, or it could be on the driver’s door near the lock mechanism. You can also order with your car’s make and model, but VIN is always better. Once you have that information, you are set to enter the part you need into the online order form. We will then put in the order for your parts, and you’ll be ready to install them in no time. Change your mind about installing that part? Call our service center -- we would be happy to set up a time to install it for you.

Chevrolet Truck Parts in Hermitage, PA

While the Chevy Silverado and Chevy Colorado are absolutely built to last, we know you plan you plan to take advantage of their rugged capabilities. They may end up with some dings and dents, and if you are especially demanding of your pickup trucks, you may need some replacement parts. That’s why we make it easier than ever to get Silverado parts and Colorado parts through our dealership. Not sure which part you need to get back on the road? Let us know -- we’ll help you figure it out.

Chevy Accessories for Your Car or Truck

Is there a petrol head in your family who would enjoy Chevy accessories as a gift? Is there an audio or storage accessory that would make your daily driving experience better? If so, you can order it through our dealership. It’s never been easier to get stocked up with the parts you need, and if you can’t find something that works for your needs, let us know! We would love to work with you to try and find it.

We do more than offer Chevy parts and OEM Chevy parts here at Taylor Chevrolet. Do you need any maintenance performed on your car? From oil changes to emissions inspections and state inspections, our expert technicians can take care of your Chevy vehicle. We can also help you identify the perfect car for your needs -- whether you need a family car, a sports car for your daily commute, a durable and rugged truck like the Silverado or Colorado, or a reliable sedan like the Cruze, Malibu or Impala, we’ve got you covered with every style imaginable.

We can also help you pay for your new car purchase; our finance experts would love to help you figure out affordable and reliable financing options, and even if you have poor credit, we would be happy to help you get behind the wheel of a car. Get started by applying online via our simple online form, and enjoy a quick and painless financing decision that may qualify you for specials and incentives on a new or used car purchase. We want you to feel great about the deals you are getting, and we’ve priced our vehicles accordingly.

Do you have any questions about the parts we offer, our parts specials, or how to order Chevy parts online? Get in touch today.
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